Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day of rest

No work on the farm today.  Just going to church and relaxing.  Here are a few of our wonderful friends.  Pumpkin just appeared one day about a month ago. He was a mess!  But I gave him a bath and brushed him and he was soon soft and fluffy.  He obviously had a home somewhere else, because he made himself right at home immediately. He'd love to be a house cat, but our 2 inside cats weren't too happy when he tried to move in,'ll see Pumpkin roaming the farm now. He has a tiny meow and a big purr.

Until about a month ago, we had 3 dogs.  Chaos (named after a Sonic the Hedgehog character) just vanished.  We don't know what happened to him.  We rescued him as a puppy, so it was sad to lose him.  He was the big protector of our 2 smaller dogs.  You see, they are both handicapped.  Juliet is blind in one eye, and Nala was hit by a car and can't use one of her back legs very well.  All of our girl dogs are named after "princesses" of one sort or another.  I'm having my daughter, Rachel, make up a genealogy chart of all the pets we've had on the farm.  We have a couple of pet cemeteries to remember them, because they were all loved.  Here's a picture of Juliet on the left and Nala on the right napping.  It was a scary, stormy night and as a special treat we let them come in the family room.  They loved it!

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