Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everything but the kitchen sink

Farmer Jeff and I scoped out the fields today and came up with a FEW berries.  We're having strawberry shortcake tonight, strawberries and whipped cream on waffles tomorrow morning, and strawberry pie in the evening.  We are testing the berries out for all of you.  We'll let you know how the taste tests turned out!

 Ladybugs are sweet, cute, and harmless bugs that help keep the bad insects off of strawberry leaves.  We love to see them in the fields.  But our daughter, Rachel, is very afraid of them and we don't know why, but she will not go near a ladybug.  When I saw this innocent ladybug, I had to snap her picture.  Thinking of you, my dear, crazy daughter!!

No, we are not burning this tree - it's an optical illusion.  We are burning a brush pile of dead tree limbs, trunks, and other cuttings from cleaning up the farm.  Can you say weenie roast and s'mores?


  1. haha yes, I had a very traumatic experience with a ladybug when I was young...

  2. by the way, I'm reading Juliet right now and I'm hooked! It's so good so far.