Monday, April 9, 2012

Another new pet on The Berry Farm

Berry and our Siamese cat, Dudley (yes - he's named after Dudley Moore, the actor)
We have our strawberry plants delivered from Canada in mid-September.  Then they must be watered often until we plant them a few days later.  One morning I went out to water and found THIS sniffing around the strawberry plats!  Oh, he was so friendly and loving - how could we turn him away!  We couldn't.  But, what to name him?  Wasn't it obvious? He HAD to be called Berry :)  He's part terrier and part BIG DOG, as far as we can tell.  He just wants love, love, and more love.  

STAY TUNED - we're opening later this week - not sure if it will be Thursday or Friday yet.

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