Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brrrrrrr!!!!! Opening day at the North Pole instead of The Berry Farm

Well, if you come tomorrow morning, bring a coat and gloves - isn't that crazy??  Apparently, Mother Nature didn't get the word that we are opening tomorrow.  We'll supply the hot chocolate if you bring the donuts....Jeff should start a bonfire in the fire pit, don't you think?

Seriously, the berries look wonderful - and plentiful.  Even though a frost is predicted, it won't harm the berries.  They are safe until the temperature reaches 28 degrees.

I didn't get these wonderful pictures posted last season - aren't they great?  Send us your pictures this season and I'll post as many as possible.

Wow!  Did the boys pick all those berries?  Come swing on our John Deere hay rake swing - not too comfortable, but unique!

Love the pink boots :)

Brother and sister found some great berries!

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