Saturday, April 14, 2012

Berries need a day of rest, too!

Just like the Sabbath is a day of rest for us from our labors, so it is with our strawberry fields.  They need to soak up the sun, water, and nutrients on Sunday - sort of like how we get our spiritual batteries recharged at church.  Then we're all ready to start a new week.  

We were so busy today!  It was fun to see many families come to the farm.  Some were first-timers, some seasoned pros (and oh, how those kiddos have grown in a year!).  Here's a cute picture and a sweet comment from Madi's mom.

Madison and I had a wonderful time picking strawberries.  This was the first experience for Madison who is 6 and we quickly picked a box of strawberries in 20 minutes.  Also the strawberries were the sweetest we have had in a very long time.  Madison had eaten 10 before we made it home.  Thank you for the wonderful experience.

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